CMS – Content Management System

Content Management System, hereinafter referred to as CMS, allows administrators to add / modify or delete the content and structure of a website. CMS uses a database; all you have to do is log in, changing the text is quite simple in an online page, then clicking on the Save button. The changes will be made in the database, and after saving, will be visible on the site.

The CMS also allows the change of images from the site, the management of advertising banners.

Through this CMS, you can add, delete and modify the data from your site (texts, images, banners, etc.).

We offer services for implementation, customization, extension or maintenance of the most popular CMS, CRM, e-shop and other scripts or those of the client (in-house build).Each of these web applications will be customized and designed according to the needs of each client. Whether it is a CMS – content management system, a virtual store, a product catalog or a complex portal and a management system, our company is the right choice.

This CMS includes a Login page, Administration Page and other dynamic pages – PHP -, necessary for the application. CMSs allow non-technical users to update text, images, and documents on a Web site without having to learn to use HTML code. Using a web browser or desktop software package, users access, edit, and upload content to changes to a site using familiar text editing commands found in software such as MS Word.

CMS web solutions are becoming more popular to simplify site management. CMS, how to manage site content is necessary to keep your site up to date.

If you already have a site that uses these open-source scripts and you want to extend or customize them, we are at your disposal. The same goes for maintenance, optimization or re-branding.