HR – Human Resurses

HR – Human Resurses

The HR (Human Resources) module helps the unitary management of employees: recruitment, personnel management, performance evaluation, schooling, salary (calculation).

Allows the definition of the departmental structure (organizational chart), as well as the list of positions;
Each position can be associated with a job description and a set of skills required to fill that position.

Capabilities are measurable and freely configurable (by the end user, depending on needs). Personnel management Evaluation forms can be defined for each position.

The forms contain measurable evaluation criteria, structured in chapters; During an evaluation session, the forms previously defined by the HR specialist are sent on flows to the evaluators, for completion (involves DMS – Flows for each of the evaluators).

After completion, the application calculates a score, which is compared to the minimum score, allowing the HR specialist to obtain an image of the current level of the employee; The evaluation forms are automatically attached to the personnel information of the respective employee.