SFA – Sales Force Automation

SFA – Sales Force Automation – is an application that will help you reduce the costs of the sales process, increase the productivity of sales agents and customer satisfaction. Using SQL relational databases (PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2), the application is extremely flexible to allow interfacing with ERP applications.

SFA is built from 2 main modules:

  • Server application
  • Client application (installed on mobile device)

Located at the warehouse, the server application will manage customers, orders, products, price and discount lists, number ranges for orders and receipts, customer balance, customer allocation on the route and transfer of information to and from mobile equipment. The daily operations performed by the sales agents can be structured in a workflow with 3 components: Data loading Route operations Data download

The agent on the route has the following possibilities:

  • View, modify and add information about assigned customers
  • To introduce new clients on that route
  • To take orders, specifying the delivery date, the method and the payment term
  • To collect.
  • It has at its disposal the list of open invoices, the total amount to be collected and the due amount
  • Enter information about the existing stock at the customer