Web Administration, Maintenance & Consulting

About the “WMC Packages” for Web Administration, Maintenance & Consulting, we mention the following services:

– ensuring the maintenance / administration of sites with static and dynamic content, CMR, CRM, e-shops, etc.

– database maintenance

– input / modification / editing of data / information / articles

WMC packages are calculated depending on the priority level of the site – chosen by the customer – and the number of maintenance hours established by him or one of our consultants, as follows:

the first digit represents the priority level of the site, and is in the range 1 – 4;
the following figures represent the number of hours dedicated to the maintenance service.
Ex. WMC – 38, represents the maintenance and web consulting service of maximum interest (priority 3) for a number of 8 (eight) hours / month.

The tariffs are negotiated according to the other contracted services, the number of contracted maintenance hours and according to the priority, where 4 is the lowest priority and 1 the maximum priority.