SEO, SEM & Social Media

Website Search Engine OptimizationWSEO & amp; Web Marketing Strategies

Materialized in services of:

– search engine optimization / web applications.

– optimization of applications for specific target (work speed / allocated space / social categories, etc.)

– marketing studies and market strategy

– case studies for the project; project plans etc.

– web consulting and training WSEO packets * are calculated based on the number of keywords and the length of time they are calculated for the duration of the service, as follows:

  • the first digit represents the total number of keywords after which the SEO optimization is done;
  • the following digits represent the number of months of the SEO process.
Ex. WSEO – 312, represents SEO for the website for a maximum of 3 keywords for all the pages of the site and a duration of 12 months.
In this way, the number of keywords can be used randomly on any of the pages for which is to be optimized, at the choice of the client or at the option of the consultant.

The charged rate is calculated individually depending on the chosen keyword, depending on its complexity, search frequency and other variables.

The longer the optimization process, the better the chances of the site being indexed.

* Criteria may change depending on search engine indexing algorithms.